Copywriting is a skill one needs to master. Many business owners take different approaches in their copies, but the goal is simple: to get your audience to buy or do something. Despite its significance in digital marketing however, not all business owners have the time or capacity to work with words.

We wrote about the ABCs of copywriting but if learning the craft of writing to sell is something you don’t have the time or mental space for, it’s best to hire an expert.

According to the American Writers & Artists Institute, “Nearly 67% of businesses rely on outside help to create their online content. In other words, they hire external copywriters.” Julia Guth of The Oxford Club also admits, “Without good copywriters, we don’t have business.”

Benefits of hiring a copywriter

When your business starts to grow, managing your content, copy, and operations can be quite a handful! Creating all your copy material on top of all the business works can be overwhelming. This might be an investment you’d want to spend more time thinking about, but here are some reasons why hiring your own copywriter can be be the best thing you could do for your business:

  1. You’d have more time to focus on customers.

Writing takes time. Writing well-crafted copy takes even more time and effort to learn. If you want to be more available to do other things like spending time with your family or managing other aspects of your business, hiring a copywriter is the way to go.

Producing good copy on a regular basis can be very time-consuming, and hiring a copywriter can take that load from your hands.

  1. A copywriter keeps up to date with the current Google and social media trends.

With over 4.6 billion active internet users, Google and the social media platforms remain to be the best places to publish your ad campaigns. Unfortunately, it’s a tough world to compete in. Matt Cutts of Google revealed that on average, Google makes about 250-400 changes on the algorithm every year!

For the busy business-owner, that’s just too much to learn and unlearn. Having a copywriter does the learning and application for you, making sure your website gets more traffic and engagement, no matter how much the algorithm updates.

  1. A copywriter generally delivers better copy.

Copywriters are more than just substitute writers. They are professionals who have mastered the craft of persuasive writing. And the truth is this: not everyone can write well. Copywriting is an even more specific skill that may take time to master. If you don’t have the time or space for one more skill to learn, it’s best to hire your own copywriter.

Scouting for the perfect copywriter

Where exactly do you look for a good copywriter? 

Scouting for the perfect copywriter is a challenge in itself, but there are several places online where you can find one. If you’ve decided to get someone to do the copywriting for you, check out the following tips when searching for the perfect match.

  1. Take a look at their website.

Treat it like you’re window shopping. A copywriter’s website reflects their writing style and personality. Does their writing style look like it could fit your brand image? 

  1. Ask for writing samples.

While the website could already tell you how a copywriter generally writes, asking for samples lets you see how they write for others. Ask for links to websites they’ve already worked with and evaluate their writing.

  1. Find someone who specializes in your industry.

It’s best that you choose someone who’s experienced in your area of expertise. If you’re looking for someone to create copy for your makeup business, for instance, choose someone whose primary niche is beauty and/or lifestyle. If you get a copywriter who lacks the experience in your industry, you risk having copy that does not capture what your business is all about.

  1. Check client testimonials.

If the copywriter has a website, there’s a great chance you’d see a testimonial section. Check what others have to say about them. Although most featured testimonials share positive comments only, it’s nice to see from the reviews what the copywriter’s strengths are. 

If testimonials are unavailable, you may ask for client references that you can contact.

  1. Set your budget.

Before you negotiate with a copywriter, set how much you’re willing to spend. Are you planning on hiring someone for one project only or do you intend on hiring for the long-term?

Hiring a copywriter may cost more than just doing the job yourself, but keep in mind that you’re hiring someone not so that you can spend, but so they could bring more money into your business.

  1. Request for a quote.

Before diving into your first collaboration, get a quote first. Whether you’ll be paying your copywriter per project or per hour is up to the terms you and the copywriter have agreed on. Draft a contract that includes the scope and limitation of the project/s including how many revisions are acceptable.

Now that you know what to do when you find a prospect, start the hunt! If you’re not quite sure where to search, begin with the following:

Network Recommendations

When looking for a trusted copywriter, it’s best to start by asking people you know. Join network groups in your industry and ask for referrals. The best thing about finding a copywriter through referrals is that you know their service has been tested and validated by someone you know.


This platform is one of the best places to build your network. Join LinkedIn groups on copywriting. You could either share that you’re looking to hire a copywriter or you could connect with the copywriters on the platform by typing in keywords on the search bar.


It’s a search engine, after all. By typing in keywords like “copywriter” or your industry and location, you’d get a whole list of available copywriters you could check out. It might not be as refined as getting suggestions from your network or LinkedIn, but you’d still have a long list of suggestions.

Just like any other hiring process, selecting the right copywriter for your business takes careful evaluation. While the internet is full of good copywriters, there can also be some bad ones. Plan your hiring process, build your checklist with our tips, and start scaling your business with awesome copy.