Check out our list of the most in-demand businesses in 2021 and start your own business today.

In 2019, about 1,843 businesses were founded every single day in the UK. In 2020, there was a 12.3% increase in number. That’s a total of 84,758 businesses more than the previous year! The sudden rise in number is not a coincidence. In fact, trends suggest that more and more people would prefer to have their own business than work as a full-time employee. 

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably considering setting up a business as well, except that you need more ideas. Of course, the first challenge you’ll face when building a business is identifying what kind of business to run. The thing is, there are too many hot options to choose from!

What is the most profitable today? What am I good at?

 If you’re looking for the best ideas to start, here are 8 of the most in-demand businesses of 2021:


This is such an easy choice, but also because we know most people eat around 3 meals a day — let’s not even talk about snacks! The best thing about the food industry is that you don’t need to have a restaurant to start selling good food! You can take them wherever you want. From food deliveries to mobile trucks and home-based catering, food can be served and enjoyed anywhere. According to recent data, “the food and drink manufacturing contributed £28 billion to the UK economy, growing by 2.3% on the previous year.”

If food is something you enjoy making (or eating, because who doesn’t, right?), you might want to consider starting your own food business.


The term “dropshipping” didn’t get popular until 2006 when ecommerce giant AliExpress became known in the United States along with several Chinese ecommerce stores. 

Dropshippers are intermediaries who can order products from manufacturers and have them shipped directly to their customers. With this business model, entrepreneurs don’t even have to handle inventory or operations!

Estimated to have a 29% increase in the next 4 years, dropshipping continues to be one of the most profitable businesses out there.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare will still be among the most profitable businesses today now that so many people have become more conscious about their health and well-being.

If you’re a healthcare professional and would like to dip your toes in the world of business, start by offering your services online. We wrote an article on how to take your service-based business online here. Although some healthcare-related businesses need medical degrees, there are still other healthcare-related businesses that only need specific training and/or certifications such as medical transcription services, medical records management, medical foot care clinics, etc.

Delivery Services

Shopping has never been so easy. What used to be long trips to physical shops can now be done in 5 minutes or less with your mobile phone. Businesses have also migrated to the internet at a surprising pace, increasing the demand for delivery services.

Your delivery service business may be as simple as a milk round, pizza delivery, or courier delivery. You can start thinking about what type of delivery service to offer based on what kind of transportation (van, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.) you can use.

Cleaning Services

Do you find cleaning as therapeutic as we do? Many people are paying a lot for cleaning services. According to the Daily Mail, the demand for cleaning services grew even more right after the government lifted its lockdown restrictions.

As with the growing concern regarding health and safety, more people are taking cleaning services more seriously as well. In fact, data from the British Cleaning Council (BCC) shows that “the cleaning industry contributes £54.5 billion to the UK economy every year… [This] figure is greater than the economic contributions of food and drink manufacture and agriculture combined (£28 billion and £10.4 billion respectively).”

Online Courses and Coaching

Selling information is the trend right now. Although there are millions of free resources online, many people still prefer the convenience of compiled information so they won’t have to scour the internet for materials they’re not even sure about. 

Online courses are a great additional revenue source for entrepreneurs because they are relatively easy and inexpensive to make. They don’t even require shipping because they can be sent directly to your customers’ email. Coaching, on the other hand, requires more time. However, just like online courses, you won’t have to deal with shipping or production costs.

Data shows that the Global E-Learning market is expected to grow and reach $325 million by 2025. It’s a flourishing industry! If you think you have valuable information or advice to share, you might want to try creating and selling online courses or coaching sessions.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management refers to the creation, scheduling, distribution, and optimisation of content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. Now that almost everyone is online and more business-owners are taking advantage of technology, this service has never been so in demand.

If you enjoy managing social media pages, interacting with people online, and learning about digital marketing, this could be the best business idea for you.

Web Development Services

Many businesses now also realize the importance of having a website. However, just like social media management, not everyone knows how to create their own website.

If you’re an expert at web development, this is where you come in! There are approximately 547,200 new websites everyday — at least a few ten thousands needing help from professional web developers. The opportunities are plenty for web development. The good news is, building a website doesn’t even have to be complicated. With website builders such as Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and Oode, you can create beautiful websites for clients or yourself. We wrote an article on the best website builders for businesses, which you can check out here. 

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be intimidating. Evaluate what you know — your knowledge and skills — and what you can be paid for. There are so many businesses you can start without shelling out a huge amount of money!

If you’re still not sure how to tread the path of entrepreneurship, it’s best to ask advice from other business owners. We shared 4 ways to ask advice as a small business owner in an article you can find here.